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The objectives are to dissect the asymmetrical genome evolution of polyploid crops and the genetic basis of complex traits, and further to develop genome-based breeding technology, resistance-based integrated disease control strategy in oilseed rape and reveal molecular mechanisms of rapeseed important agronomic traits forming. The research funding sources mainly are the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Basic Research Program (973) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Main research directions:
1. The asymmetrical evolution of polyploid genomes;
2. The regulatory mechanism of multiple complex traits in Brassica napus;
3. The dissecting of disease resistance and its mechanism in Brassica napus;
4. Identification of oil content genes/sites and regulating network analysis of oil biosynthesis in rapeseed;
5. Study on mechanism of photosynthesis and improvement of high photosynthetic efficiency in rapeseed;
6. Analysis of regulating mechanism of plant type traits and construction of ideal plant type in Rapeseed.
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